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Shannon rally results 2022

Shannon Rally results 2022

O/ACarDriver/CodriverMakeClassPosTotalDiff 1stDiff Prev
12Ryan Loughran/Paddy McCruddenFord Escort Mk214O/A43:03.1
216Conor Murphy/Sean CollinsFord Escort14O/A43:08.40:05.30:05.3
38Chris O’Callaghan/Kaine TreanorFord Escort Mk214O/A43:25.60:22.50:17.2
412David Moffett/Johnny BairdFord Escort14143:27.80:24.70:02.2
59Stuart Darcy/Liam McIntyreProton MEM S2500 Millington20143:42.30:39.20:14.5
618Johno Doogan/Paul LennonFord Escort Mk214244:05.31:02.20:23.0
717Padraig Egan/Gavin CarrFord Escort Mk214344:10.21:07.10:04.9
823Vincent O’Shea/Eoin O’DonoghueDarrian T9014444:21.11:18.00:10.9
921Eddie Doherty/Tom MurrayFord Escort Mk214544:25.81:22.70:04.7
107Pat O’Connell/Mark WileyMitsubishi Evo x20244:49.31:46.20:23.5
1122Richard Moore/Richard ClearyFord Escort Mk214644:50.21:47.10:00.9
1246Brian Lavelle/Piaras O’CeallachainFord Escort Mk213144:51.51:48.40:01.3
131Enda O’Brien/John ButlerFord Escort14745:01.21:58.10:09.7
1411Josh Moffett/Andy HayesToyota Starlet RWD13245:01.61:58.50:00.4
1519Raymond Conlon/Paul SheridanToyota Corolla Twin Cam13345:10.42:07.30:08.8
1624Maurice Moffett/Jason McKennaToyota Starlet RWD14846:00.92:57.80:50.5
1715Mike Quinn/Kieran DohertyFord Escort Mk214946:14.13:11.00:13.2
1820Aaron McLaughlin/Darren CurranFord Escort Mk2141046:16.33:13.20:02.2
1940Frank Rafferty/Sean McCaffreyMitsubishi Evo 920346:51.03:47.90:34.7
2028Casey Jay Coleman/Adam CoffeyFord Fiesta2147:14.34:11.20:23.3
2143Jason Tuthill/Ben TeggartFord Escort13447:24.14:21.00:09.8
2234Niall Fitzpatrick/Matthew ReadeFord Escort Mk112147:24.34:21.20:00.2
23125Bobby Hennessy/Sarah HennessyHonda Civic13547:30.14:27.00:05.8
2439Ray O’Sullivan/Gavin SheehanFord Escort Mk213647:36.04:32.90:05.9
2541Robbie Allen/John BurkeFord Escort Mk213747:37.14:34.00:01.1
2647Emmet Watchorn/Noel CooganFord Escort Mk213847:39.44:36.30:02.3
2786Barry Murphy/Conal DohertyMitsubishi Evo 94148:01.64:58.50:22.2
2867Jack Maguire/Keith McConnonHonda Civic11F148:05.05:01.90:03.4
2964Kevin Cole/Bernard FarrellFord Escort12248:14.15:11.00:09.1
3057Eamonn McGuigan/Michael MoranFord Escort12348:15.05:11.90:00.9
3131Barry McKenna/Raymond KnoxFord Escort Mk213948:19.35:16.20:04.3
3280Darren O’Connor/Seamus O’GradyFord Escort Mk2131048:23.55:20.40:04.2
3362John O’Rourke/William NolanOpel Adam R22248:42.05:38.90:18.5
3429Gareth O’Mahony/Aron ConnaireFord Escort141149:14.36:11.20:32.3
3565David Quinn/Enda McGonigleBMW E30 M3141249:41.36:38.20:27.0
3670Colm Browne/Michael BrowneFord Escort12449:50.46:47.30:09.1
3788David Dowling/Patrick DowlingFord Escort12550:03.47:00.30:13.0
3874Paul Cullen/Brian RowanOpel Corsa10150:05.67:02.50:02.2
3944Colum Browne/Kieran CarrollHonda Civic11F250:07.57:04.40:01.9
4085Kevin Wilson/Katie WilsonMitsubishi Evo 94250:11.67:08.50:04.1
4159Raymond Spence/Ger SomersFord Escort Mk2131150:22.07:18.90:10.4
4268Daragh Smith/Anthony SmithHonda Civic11F350:29.57:26.40:07.5
43120Sean Enright/Kevin DohertyFord Escort Mk212650:30.77:27.60:01.2
4484Daniel Dunne/David DunneToyota Starlet RWD11R150:41.37:38.20:10.6
4581John Smithwick/Alex WilsdonFord Escort11R251:11.38:08.20:30.0
46114Paul Dowling/Myles RedmondFord Escort Mk212751:13.08:09.90:01.7
4798Gerry Casey/Conor DuffyFord Escort12851:23.78:20.60:10.7
4890John Michael Kennelly/Brendan BehanHonda Civic16151:25.58:22.40:01.8
4982Eamon O’Connell/Paul BrutonFord Escort11R351:31.98:28.80:06.4
50116Brian Cassidy/Conor LappinToyota Corolla Twin Cam11R451:37.88:34.70:05.9
51110Keith Costello/Sara McFaddenFord Fiesta3151:42.28:39.10:04.4
5273Padraig Gorman/Shane GormanToyota Starlet RWD10251:44.08:40.90:01.8
53122Anthony O’Brien/Oisin SherlockFord Escort11R551:54.98:51.80:10.9
5469Francis Kelly/Charlotte EganVauxhall Nova GTE9151:55.88:52.70:00.9
5563Kevin Flanagan/Mark ReillyAustin Mini Cooper S9252:06.89:03.70:11.0
5695Ben Caldwell/Stephen JoyceFord Fiesta2352:54.49:51.30:47.6
576RDavid Condell/Martin BradyFord Escort141354:42.011:38.91:47.6
5849Robert Falvey/John DoodyFord Escort RS200018155:01.211:58.10:19.2
59111Gearóid O’Regan/Brian MartinHonda Civic Type R3255:03.712:00.60:02.5
60105Tom Sheehan/Deirdre CoffeyVauxhall Nova9355:31.512:28.40:27.8
6136Kieran Murphy/John FogartySubaru Impreza GpN15155:43.412:40.30:11.9
62123Aaron Doran/Eoin KinsellaPeugeot 10610356:44.213:41.11:00.8
63100John Forde/Brian KeohaneCitroen C210457:11.014:07.90:26.8
6475Martin McKeown/Declan RyanFord Escort131258:15.615:12.51:04.6
65109Sylvester Shaughnessy/Eoghan DoyleFord Escort Mk211R658:31.415:28.30:15.8
6692Kenneth Treacy/Michael WalshMorris Mini17159:35.116:32.01:03.7
6761Declan Byrne/Gary DeeganHonda Civic Type R2459:56.316:53.20:21.2
68107Jack Brennan/John McGrathFord Fiesta111:02:22.819:19.72:26.5
6926RWilliam Nolan/Connor HaydeToyota Corolla11R71:03:27.320:24.21:04.5
7097RJohn McCabe/Stephen DooganFord Ford Fiesta R2251:03:33.820:30.70:06.5
71112Killian Murphy/Dylan NaceyFord941:04:38.521:35.41:04.7
7294RTomas Ryan/Shane DillonHonda Civic11F41:05:46.322:43.21:07.8
73121RLetisha Conn/Stephen ConnPeugeot 106 Cup Car1051:07:42.524:39.41:56.2
74118RKieran Baverstock/Mick LonerganHonda Civic Vtec11F51:07:48.124:45.00:05.6
75106RBarry McCarthy/Alistair WyllieSuzuki Swift GTI951:07:49.124:46.00:01.0

Inland Waterways Association of Ireland’s Athlone Branch and Carrick-on-Shannon Branch will organize the Shannon Boat Rally from Friday, July 23 to Sunday, July 31.

Shannon rally results 2022

Among the most prestigious boating events on Ireland’s inland waterways, it is one of the most well attended. Commodore Ian Craig, Commodore for the Shannon Boat Rally, explained that families boating on the river particularly enjoy visiting South Shannon and Athlone as part of the Shannon Boat Rally. After a two year absence, we would like to welcome back our boating friends from all over Ireland to Lough Ree and the River Shannon for ten days of fun and relaxation.

Shannon rally results 2022

In preparation for the 60th Shannon Boat Rally, all of the boats from the North Shannon gathered in Lanesboro before traveling to Portrun, Roscommon, on the day of the rally’s start.

Shannon rally results 2022

Aside from being a local asset for Longford, Westmeath, and Roscommon, the inland waterways are also a major tourist attraction in those three counties. In this year’s celebration of diamonds, they will visit the small towns of Lanesboro, Portrun, and Coosan, the larger town of Athlone, Hodson Bay, and Clarkes, Coffeys, and the Hodson Bay Hotel in addition to Athlone, enjoying the rain and sunshine, as well as Clarkes, Coffeys, the Radisson as well as Clarkes, Coffey’s.

Shannon rally results 2022

“We will sail, cruise, and dance our way along the banks of the Shannon, bringing with us over four hundred visitors in eighty four boats to sample the sights and hospitality of the area as we sail, cruise, and dance our way.” said Mr Craig.

In his remarks, the Commodore outlined that one of the main purposes of the Shannon Boat Rally is to bring together boaters of all types in a ten-day fun event on the river in order to create a special bond between family and friends.

In 1961, the first rally was launched in conjunction with a civic reception at the Royal Hoey Hotel in Athlone, which had over 71 boats taking part. Over the course of its 60 year history, the boat rally on the Shannon has been attended by over three thousand boats and over twelve thousand people. In this year’s rally, there were 84 boats and barges and four hundred people, concluded Mr Craig.

Over the past 60 years, the Shannon Boat Rally has brought private boat owners and their families to the Shannon for annual holidays. It has been contributing significantly to the local economy since its inception. Domestic holidaymakers interested in an adventure in the outdoors will find this rally an exciting and compelling choice. Boat rallies are Ireland’s ultimate staycation, generating additional revenue and employment throughout the county.

Every year, the rally attracts three to four hundred adults, teenagers, and children crewing all classes of boats. Participants take part in sports, games, sailing and boating competitions, quizzes, talent and music events, while improving their boating skills and safety practices. During the rally, boaters of all abilities and experiences come together to share their boating know-how and improve their boating skills. The boat rally also promotes responsible use of the waterways for the benefit of all waterway users and has a strong educational, environmental, and boating safety theme.

Is a strategy game for two players, designed by shannon rally. each player has a set of pieces, each of which can move in different ways. the object of the game is to capture your opponent’s pieces, or to block your opponent’s pieces so that they can’t make any more moves.

the game is played on a square board, with each player starting with four pieces on their side of the board. the pieces can move in any of the four directions: up, down, left, or right. each piece can only move one square at a time, and can’t move through other pieces.

the game progresses with each player taking turns moving one of their pieces. a piece can either move and then capture, or capture and then move. to capture, a piece must move next to an opponent’s piece, and then jump over it to the other side. the piece on the other side of the opponent’s piece then captures the opponent’s piece.

if a piece can’t move, then it’s blocked and can’t make any more moves. the player can then either move one of their other pieces, or forfeit their turn. the game ends when one player either captures all of the other player’s pieces, or blocks the other player’s pieces so they can’t make any more moves.

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shannon rally 2022 is an enjoyable game that tests your strategic thinking skills. it’s a good game for both beginners and experienced players, and can be played with either children or adults.