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Flying Private

Living a luxurious life is a dream we all want to achieve. From living in mansions to having an army of butlers at your service at all times to owning private jets and yachts, the list is pretty much endless. Influencers on social media do not miss a chance to showcase their lavish lifestyles publicly on all platforms. This could probably be why a significant number of youngsters are inspired by such influencers and aspire to enjoy a similar lifestyle.

Being wealthy is all about breakfast in bed, fine dining experiences at home, a Mercedes or a Tesla pulling up in your porch now and then, and flying to a new city or country to spend the weekend. All of it is just too good to be true. Can you believe some categories define your scale of richness? For instance, if we were to talk about frequent flying, we have people who:

A) Travel very frequently for occasions now and then

B) Travel (first class only) also very frequently for occasions now and then

C) Travel in their private jet around the world with the leverage of landing at 5000 airports worldwide, anytime, for any purpose.
If you think ‘C’ is a little too much and we might have gone a bit ‘overboard’ (get it?), don’t sweat, because we’re just about to utilize the next few minutes of your life to walk you through all the luxuries of owning a private jet and what it’s like to be a passenger on a private jet—intrigued yet? You need to check this out.

What is a Private jet?

A private jet is everything you’ve ever dreamed that your travel experience would look and be like. Typically owned by government officials, celebrities, and influencers, a private jet is designed to meet all your business or luxury needs. At the same time, it makes the best of your flying experience with added luxuries and services within the jet.
A private jet is nothing like an ordinary airplane transporting you from one place to another. It is quite different, and only private jet owners might be able to explain how it truly feels like flying about in their jet. This is exactly why we’ve penned down this article, so you know what to expect if you were to experience flying in a private jet.

Advantages of owning a private jet?

So it’s a private airplane that carries you around the world just like every other airplane does, yeah! Big deal. You probably think you could get the same feeling if you were to travel first or business class. That’s almost not true. Allow us to run you down through all of the significant advantages of having to own a private jet. In other words, buckle up!

Minimum On-Ground Time

In commercial flying, pilots and staff must adjust their schedule to meet ends with the airline’s needs. With private flying and aviation, it is vice versa.
A thing we all dread and can relate to with frequent flying is not the flying time itself but the time before the process of flying. From the journey to distant airports to getting in queues and getting your baggage checked, it is beyond tiresome, to say the very least.

With a private jet, you do not have to go to the large international airports to take off from. This means dealing with lesser staff and easily flying from smaller areas. Another advantage is that you also do not have to worry about dealing with those never-ending check-in lines, allowing you to arrive at the airport just merely minutes before your flight rather than hours before ‘the gates close.’ This saves you a lot of time and money while being frustrated.
After you get off, you have your bags placed right into your transport /car service, and you do not have to spend an eternity waiting to claim your luggage at the baggage carousel.

Faster Arrival Times

Who hates long flights? We know we do! When it comes to private aviation, private jets are not entitled to following the same tract, spoke networks, and hub as other commercial airlines tend to do. Therefore, if your plan has enough fuel to safely land at your destination, you might as well just end up flying directly than getting a connected flight. This is great as it saves you a lot of time, and you can arrive anywhere in the world, even in a time crunch. How cool is that?

Most private jets are designed to fly a lot faster, and in a manner that allows the aircraft to ascend and climb more swiftly than commercial airlines; this keeps you above those dark clouds and stormy weathers.
Commercial jets tend to fly at an altitude of 35,000ft, whereas small jets fly a lot higher. This allows private jets to avoid any air traffic in between; this is in addition to their direct routes. Jets come with extra flexibility so that they can capture the right kind of winds while avoiding bad weather conditions.

Luxury redefined

This is probably one of the obvious out of all the factors associated with owning a private jet. If you ever flew first class, you probably thought that was the epitome of luxury you could ever experience when it comes to flying. However, that is not even close to what private jets have to offer. Every private jet is quite different from another in terms of specifications, exterior, interior, and quality of services too. The bigger the jet, the more luxuries you could expect to experience. From the best levels of service to the elegant and modern interior to exceptional in-flight fine dining experiences, a private jet has it all. The design doesn’t just meet but exceed even the slightest of your expectations.


While private jets have all the luxury services there-in, one of the best parts is that it also allows you to fly comfortably. Some private jets offer plush beddings in private passenger bedrooms (no, we’re not joking). If you find that hard to believe, take a look at this image of a private jet for yourself. So long gone are the day’s passengers need to stay squished in between other people for 8-hour long flights (or more). You can fly in the utmost style and luxury, just as if you were flying from the comfort of your room (literally).
It’s not just the bedroom; the fine-dining halls are massive and sometimes even include meeting rooms; this means you do not have to miss out on any of your office’s important discussions, and you can be productive even being 35,000+ higher in air. The lavatory in commercial airlines are incredibly and ridiculously small, not to mention it’s probably used more often than a public bathroom (yikes!). With private jets, you have sleek interior built bathrooms that are just stunning to look at and give you the feel of a resort or 5-star hotel’s restroom. Suppose this isn’t comfort and luxury redefined. We don’t know what is!


If you’re traveling alone or with a few business partners, being in the air is an ideal place for you to get things done. It is also a great way to utilize the long-distance hours so you can be more productive and efficient. Traveling in first or (ironically) ‘business’ class might have similar comfort, but the biggest drawback is you are still surrounded by several other passengers and staff members that might not be relevant to your business. This makes it incredibly risky for private information to be easily leaked out and heard by people around who may be eavesdropping.
If you ever wondered why a company would be willing to spend so much money on investing in private jets rather than flying employees commercially, it has nothing to do with comfort but mainly has a lot to do with privacy and productivity concerns. Not to mention, it saves the company time and money in the long run.
A survey has shown that people rated themselves to be as high as 20% more productive while on their company aircraft rather than their own offices. Meanwhile, commercial flying was subjected to a decrease in 40% of productivity as per their counterparts.

Fine dining

Yup, we’re all a little too eager to learn more about the alleged fine dining experience wealthy people claim to have in a private jet… I mean, after all, it’s still an airplane, right? Not quite. The dining options on a private jet vary greatly and depend on several reasons. If the aircraft is considerably small, you enjoy the full culinary art experience, and chefs may not have the facility to prepare freshly cooked or hot food. The duration of the flight also plays a major role; short flights won’t give chefs or staff members ample time to serve a meal in-flight. The dining options differ and are available based on the sizing of the aircraft; it happens to be something like this:
Light jets: Get yourself to snack on some pre-prepared cold meals
Medium-sized jets: Snacks and pre-made cold meals. If you’re lucky, you may have a microwave on the jet so your food could be reheated.
Heavy/large jets: This is where you could get the entire fine dining experience. Such kind of jets usually has the facility of a well-equipped galley that could easily serve meals on long-distance flights in addition to some exceptional and top-notch services alongside.

More access to airports

You might be surprised to know, but commercial flights do not even have a significant fraction of airports they could serve, relative to private jets that could get service form over 5000 airports worldwide. You are more likely to easily land or depart from an airport that is closer to your home or more convenient for you to reach, especially when you’re racing against the clock. You also get to experience the feel of airports you are not typically allowed to reach when it comes to regular flying and usual airports.


Flying in a private jet offers immense flexibility. You are in control of your schedule, and you can manage time in the most efficient way possible. Scheduling and attending meetings in multiple cities (or even different countries!) is no longer a problem. All you need is a well-managed schedule, maybe a flight clearance, and you’re good to go! Sudden changes to meetings or any alternations that need to be made can easily be fixed and can even be done while you’re still in the air. Sure is awesome!


Regardless of the aircraft, everything is good until the plane finds itself in a small air bubble, and you begin to experience turbulence. It sure can be scary. Even for those who do not suffer from flight phobia, it’s just a natural humanly response to a terrifying situation. However, with private jets, you are LESS exposed to such kind of risks. It does not eliminate the problem, but it does reduce the risks involved while flying.
It mainly has to do with the private jet pilots or operators who possess impeccable safety records and experience that make it binding to follow a safety management system that other commercial airlines may overlook due to rivalries. Private jet operators also recruit some of the best pilots, and they do this through a proper selection process, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy knowing you are probably in the safest hands you could be.
In addition to the aircraft being safe to travel in, living in the age of the coronavirus, flying in private jets is a great way to stay safe from contracting the virus and safely traveling through destinations.
Flying in a private jet sure is an amazing experience; if you don’t know what it feels like, we’re sure by now the images attached above in the article may have given you a clear understanding of what you could expect to see.