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Shared On The Internet
Shared On The Internet


30+ Amazing Things People Saw And Shared On The Internet, Fortunately For Us

Shared On The Internet

Humans are visual creatures who are hardwired to appreciate beauty. This is why people are drawn to attractive things, whether it’s a beautiful piece of art or an attractive person. Attraction is not just about looks, though. It’s also about the way someone behaves and their personality. Some people are naturally more attractive than others, but anyone can improve their attractiveness by taking care of themselves and dressing well. Being healthy and looking good makes people feel good about themselves, which is attractive to others. Being witty and clever is also attractive. People who are smart and funny tend to be popular and successful. So, if you want to be more attractive, work on your intelligence and sense of humor.

Bubble Butt

Now, before you go and try this at home, there are a few things you should know. First of all, you’ll need to find a bar of soap that’s big enough to make a convincing butt. You’ll also need to have a sharp knife, and you’ll need to be very careful when you’re cutting the soap.

Bubble Butt - Shared On The Internet

Look Away Please, I promise I know what I’m doing

You know where this is, you that place with the 99 dollar screen repair sign that you convince the guy to fix it for $50.00 lol

Look Away Please

The Missprint

Somewhere in some factory, there are thousand of these pillows everywhere.

Silica Gel Pillow

The future is yours for $2.00

The art of sticker mastery has never been better with this one.

Mystic Mug

This one will make you laugh or Cry

This lady has taken “please smile” and kicked it up two notches. We hope this was a Halloween idea and not her everyday mask.


Vincent Van Latte

Arty Latte

Pickle Me Elmo

Pickle Me Elmo

What does this remind you of? lol?

Size Matters

Vacuum Seal Gone Wrong

Creepy Sheepy

Romantic Eat Beans with Me

This Beats Gas Station Flowers

This should be in every home – What has 4 legs and carries a TV? This thing!

Rodeo Gaga

World-Class Results

You know how companies are always saying they are world-class, well this is what happens when the COO put that ad out on Craiglist for $10 dollars an hour.

Warning: Artist At Work

The Chicken Parma-mac-fenti

Fine Dining

Left Lane Only

When you see a sign and you’re like trying to see if there’s a hidden meaning somewhere


This is just downright funny.

A Neopolitan combination

When you Finally see it….

When you finally see it….

Hope in Humanity

You mess with one, you mess with all


The fastest year in recorded history


The joy of being a cat owner

ALIEN 2022

Alien if it was made in 2020

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