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Top 5 Best Nail Salons To Visit In New York City

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Getting our nails done can sometimes be one of the highlights of our day. Since nails play a significant factor in our overall appearance, it makes sense that we are eager to make them look their best and stand out. It can be challenging to choose the nail design that we would want and find someone who can execute it the way we like.

We want to make sure we find the best store that can bring our vision into a reality. This means searching for stores that are proven to have a good reputation. While the process of finding the one can be difficult, you don’t have to worry. This article will be giving you all the go-to nail salons in New York City. With us, you won’t have to worry about getting a lousy manicure ever again.

#1 Oh, My Nails!

We all want to spend our money on nails to look our best, especially on special occasions. If you are willing to pay more on nails for a unique celebration, then you can get your nails done at Oh, My Nails! Oh, My Nails! is the best when it comes to whatever nail design you want. You can always count on leaving the salon with unique nail art that no one else has.

Oh, My Nails! also appeal to those who prefer gel manicure enthusiasts and are appreciated by them. CalGel is a chip-free and less-damaging gel polish that does not stink half as bad as some others. If you are interested in setting up an appointment, make sure you call their store first at the number 646-590-4700 since they don’t accept walk-ins.

#2 Tina Green Nail Salon

Are you leaning towards a more affordable but still part of the best nail salon in New York? Well, you can try going to Tina Green Nail Salon, located in Brooklyn. While it may not be part of those luxurious nail salons in New York City, it is still one of the best when it comes to giving you a worth it and affordable manicure.

If their store fits your strict budget, don’t be shy and visit their store in Tina Green Nail Salon, 354 Graham Ave Brooklyn or call them at 718-218-8985.

#3 Akiko Nails

Is your nail design a little more on the detailed side? Are you looking for a nail salon that can get even the smallest designs down to a tee? Well, Akiko Nails is indeed the nail salon for you. Akiko Nails is a nail art salon that specializes in creating Japanese nail art. As you can see from the video, they are more than capable of giving your nails that bling with all the cute and intricate details.

Their nail prices range from $3–$10 per nail, depending on the design’s difficulty. If you are interested in taking a peek at their store, their address is Akiko Nails, 137 Rivington St. (near Norfolk St.). You can also contact them using the number 646-841-6721.

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#4 Paintbox


Here for the bold nail art 💅🏽❤️‍🔥 #nailarttutorial ♬ original sound – ASTN

Are you looking for a nail salon that can bring your bold designs to life? Paintbox is more than capable of giving you the design you wish for. Whether it’s a design that you found from the internet or even a design you made up on the spot, Paintbox can do it all. Their pedicures can be a little bit costly, starting at $35, but it’s all part of the Paintbox experience.

A refreshment bar featuring champagne and cold brew, a handpicked variety of 50 on-trend polish colors, cellphone chargers for all the 18 stations, and a monthly selection of nail-art designs are all available at the roomy manicure venue. Their store is located at 20 East 69th St., New York City.

#5 Chillhouse

It’s best to look for a salon that can put you in the best state of mind, relaxation. If a relaxing manicure is what you are looking for, Chillhouse has the best ambiance on this list. With a massage area, a coffee shop, and a nail salon on the store’s lower east side, Chillhouse really knows the best for its customers. Its calming, chilly, and stylish ambiance makes it the ideal place to get a manicure and unwind.

Their store’s nail store has two tiers. Tier one would consist of regular polish, priced at around $35 or $55, while tier 2 would be gel nails for $55 or $75. You can always visit their store located in Chillhouse, 149 Essex Street, or call 646-678-3501 to learn more.

Nails can sometimes be the reason for our confidence boost. With them, we are able to showcase our personality to the world without speaking a single word. Thus, it would make sense that plenty of us are more than interested in getting it done.

Finding a good nail salon that can give you what you are looking for can be pretty challenging. We worry that they don’t have the right equipment or that they aren’t the ones for us. Here are other

#6 Delacqua Salon

nail salons

If you’re looking to splurge on your nails with no budget whatsoever, then you would have no problem going to Delacqua Salon. This place is located right in Brooklyn, and it won’t be difficult to miss as its victorian era aesthetic truly stands out from the rest. The non-acrylic nail art design utilizing the LNC solution, with just some added 3-D nail art for flair, is a common request of those who immensely love their store.

If you are interested in visiting their store, you can go to Delacqua Salon and Spa, 2027 86th Street (between Bay 26th and Bay 25th Streets), Brooklyn, or give the number 718-266-1233 a call. Go visit their Instagram as well to get a sneak peek of their work.

#7 Hortūs Nailworks

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If Delacqua Salon is way over our budget and you’re searching for a more budget-friendly salon, you should go to Hortūs Nailworks. These are some of the best affordable stores out there in New York City. This place makes you feel as if you had just recently returned from one of your spa vacations. Horts Happy Hour is from 11 am – 4 pm, from Monday through Wednesday, and features soft jazz and beverages.

Are you interested? Consider checking out their place at Hortūs Nailworks, 210 Forsyth Street (between Stanton and East Houston,) or call the number 917-475-1558. Don’t be afraid to check out their Instagram where they post their best works from their favorite customers.

#8 Primp & Polish

nail salons

An outdoor nail salon? Things can’t get any better than this. Imagine being in your most relaxing state while feeling the cool breeze of New York CIty’s air. Well, you don’t have to, for Primp & Polish is more than capable of letting this happen. Yes, the prices are a bit more costly than other nail stores, but getting some of their best services is more than enough to forget about the costs for a second.

You can visit their store by going to Primp & Polish, 172 Bedford Avenue (between North 7th and North 8th), Brooklyn, or giving the number 718-384-3555 a call. You can give their Instagram a visit and see if their aesthetic matches yours.

#9 RounGe NYC

nail salon

Reply to @bontwe2 this is for anyone who bites their nails #russianmanicure #ROMWEnextgen #dayinmylife #fallnails ♬ Emotional (Instrumental) – BLVKSHP

Are you looking for a professional nail salon that can do almost any nail design you want? Well, you and RounGe NYC would definitely get along. Their store can do about nearly anything. Since they have some of the best nail equipment from Japan, they are more than capable of doing whatever design you could imagine.

Give their place a call at the number 646-707-3504 or visit their beautiful nail site at RounGe NYC, 201 E 23rd Street. Go check out their Instagram account to view more of their stunning designs.

#10 Local Honey

Are you searching for a jack of all trades salon? Well, if you are, then Local Honey is the one. Aside from being one of the most fantastic nail salons out there, Local Honey also offers dozens of services such as waxing, brows, and extensions. And with their competitive prices? This might just become your favorite nail salon ever.

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Give them a call at 347-404-6139 or go to their physical store located in Local Honey, 53 Irving Ave. (at Troutman St.), Brooklyn. You can also check their Instagram to learn more about their employee’s nail art skills.


Getting your nails done and showing off the design you like is one of the best feelings. Nail designs represent our personality and flair, so you have to make sure that the store you’ll go to is the one. With that said, we hope you have found our list helpful and were able to bring your vision to life.

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