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Five Beautiful Nail Art Works To Add To Your Everyday Fashion Style

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Many of us have always fantasized about having the dream appearance, including beautiful nail art. Whether it is about our clothes, hair, or even our shoes, we always want to look the best. We want to make sure that when we present ourselves out into the world, they will be able to see our best sides. So, it is no surprise that we will also take extra measures to make sure our nails are the best. After all, they deserve some pampering that would make them look more beautiful and unique.

Nail art allows us to expose ourselves to the world. Thus, it is only natural we would like to choose something that shows our personality. If you are at a stalemate on what to choose, you do not have to worry, for our article will present you with a list of beautiful nails that would make you stand out among the rest.

#1 Jade nails

Sample: Jade Nails by aminaoui

If you have been searching for a nail design that is both unique and pretty, then we suggest copping these beautiful jade nails. This is the best if you are looking for designs that would make you look ethereal. There is no other nail art better than this with all the stunning color and the wild marble design it has.

Jade nails were inspired by many Asian countries that liked to use jade for pieces of jewelry and the like. Aside from this, jade also had symbolic meanings, such as fertility. This nail design has everything! If it checks all your boxes, this is the sign to go and get these beautiful jade nails.

#2 Plaid nails

Sample: Plaid Nails by nailzkatkat

Are you looking for some design that matches your plaid shirt, perhaps? Well, then some plaid nails are sure to be the perfect pair for this. Like the jade nails, this design is classy but simple and is the perfect pair for casual and fancy occasions.

Do you want to know another plus? Making this is not a challenge at all! While the design looks complex, all it takes are your chosen base colors and thin little lines to complete the look. What are you waiting for? Go grab your polish and try this out!

#3 Matte nails

Sample: Matte Nails

Matte Black French Tip Nails 🖤 #gelx #apres #acrylics #nails #nailtutorial #frenchtip #naildesigns @Arpine ♬ original sound – c.atlanticaudios

The living embodiment of elegant and simple, we have the matte nails topping the list. With this nail design, all it would take would be one color of your choosing, then boom! You have got yourself a stunning design. More than this, matte nails also have this smooth texture feel that screams expensive and fancy.

This nail art is the one if you have been searching for something that is cheap but looks the exact opposite. The simpleness of this design also makes it easier to pair it with any outfit you can think of.

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#4 Diamond coffin nails

Sample: Diamond coffin nails

Ombre white and rosebud blended to perfection with a beautiful diamond design #diamond #ombrenails #coffinnails #fyp #viral #followme #longnails ♬ Vroom Vroom – Gwendolyn_Takapu

This one leans more towards our fancy nail art than the others on our list. But who does not want a little sparkle at the tip of their finger? If you have always wanted to mix nails with pieces of jewelry? Then try these diamond coffin nails.

Coffin nails are more than the perfect nail shape to match this design. Since these nails are so much longer compared to other nails, whatever design you choose would be more prominent. The color or colors you choose would stand out more, and of course, the cute blings that you decide to add would catch the attention of so many more people. Along with the nail shape that would make anyone jealous and the sparkle you choose to put on, this nail design is the epitome of power.

#5 Pastel acrylics

Sample: Pastel coffin nails

Lastly, we have pastel acrylics. If you are looking to pair all your cute, lighthearted outfits with nails that have the simplest of designs, then the pastel acrylics are in the right direction. It is attractive, and it would totally fit with whatever it is you are going for.

You can even go crazy and choose a bunch of colors instead of one, or even give it a cute ombre effect to finish up your look. And, with acrylics, it also gives off the same energy as those pretty coffin nails.


Wow! All these nail arts sure look perfect. Anything you try on would be a good fit. Our advice would be to choose the art that caught your attention the most. There are higher chances that that nail design is your perfect match. But either way, all these designs are sure to make heads spin, so, whatever it is you choose, just always remember to stay confident, and the rest will follow.

There are dozens of designs on this list. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab the best one you see and start walking to your nearest nail store. Saying all this, we hope that you have found the design you are looking for, and we wish to see you next time with more designs that are bound to make you smile.

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