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How to get Free NFTS 2022

Free NFTS – With the sudden spike in recent millionaires creating and trading their NFT’s some people may find it difficult to get into the space. There are some success samples:

Meet Benyamin Ahmed

12-year-old who made 1 Million dollars creating NFT’s, A talented teen, Benyamin Ahmed, based out of Algeria, is known for the originality and diversity of the images that bear his name. To date, his crypto wallet has over $1 million in value, and he created it in less than a year.

Free NFTS - Benyamin Ahmed

His 3,350-frame collection of whale-themed images contains a number of subjects, including whales wearing baseball caps or sweatbands, smoking pipes, or donning top hats, with a number of colorful backgrounds. These NFTs, short for non-fungible tokens, are iconic, comical, digitally copyrighted avatars of shape that have high popularity among bitcoin and metaverse enthusiasts. Several of Ahmed’s “Weird Whales” have sold for $20,000 apiece.

Read more about him here

So how do you get some free NFTS?

The very first thing you can do is mint your own NFTs for free.

NFT Giveaways

Users often receive free digital items as a reward for participating in NFT projects. In the NFT space, for example, many discord communities provide their members with free NFTs. You can also find information about such giveaways on Twitter and Telegram channels.

For example, Lil Baby Doodles X and Gutter Cat Gang have both done giveaways to their members.

On Twitter

If you’re searching for giveaway announcements, search for a hashtag that includes the word “NFT.” Often, these are the most significant giveaways in the Twitter stream. The most encouraged way winners will be encouraged to take part in the activity is to comment, retweet, or share the announcement.

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