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Cow Print Nails
Cow Print Nails
Cow Print Nails


Cow Print Nails & Other Cool Nail Designs

Cow Print Nails – Have you ever wanted a cute design on the tip of your fingers? If you do, this is no surprise, as many of us would like to show off our nail’s intricate details. From fabulous cow print nails down to cute butterfly nails, nail art has always been something we do to give people a glimpse of our inner personality. Moreover, it has also become a new addition to our overall look and flair.

Saying this, if you have been looking for cool nail designs to sink your fingers to, then this is the perfect article for you. Here, we will be giving you all the beautiful nail designs that you could rock. Without any more delay, let us go ahead and get on with our list.

#1 Cow print nails

Cow Print Nails

Are you looking for some designs that are more animal-themed? If so, then the cow print nails might be the perfect pattern for you. Simple but creative cow print nails are these elegant nail styles we never knew we needed.

The nail design is basically long; hazelnut tips are painted on a clean white with uneven black dots placed over the top. An olive-tipped accent nail contrasts unexpectedly well with the shiny cow design.

#2 Flower nails

Do you want something light and flowery, something that screams graceful perhaps? Well, a flower nail design checks all these boxes. Flower designs are pretty versatile, and there are a lot of styles that you can follow depending on what you would want to convey.

You can have a daisy design type of nails, sunny florals, or even half-moon flowers. And if you are looking for something realistic, then you can also opt to have a detailed sunflower nail. Whatever type it is, you can’t go wrong with flower nails.

#3 Dessert nails

It is time for dessert! Are cute delicacies on your nails more of your thing? Well, then you can stop looking for other designs for dessert nails are here! Nothing screams more fun than this with the beautiful shapes and colors incorporated in this nail art.

You can never go wrong with dessert. Do you want sprinkles with that frosting? It would only make it better. How about some ice cream or some doughnuts? Who doesn’t want to look at all those delicious and cute-looking treats all day? We know we would love that, and it would be no surprise if you would too.

#4 Marble nails

Are you looking for a design that matches your wild and untamed spirit? Well, the marble nails are just that. This is a style wherein drops of nail paint are poured into a cup of water to give a gorgeous swirl of color on the base, which is then utilized to create a marbled design on your nails.

This is especially perfect for those who want to go for a more free and unpredictable vibe. Since this process is mainly composed of dropping your nail into a cup of water and letting it shape on its own, the whole process is also simpler as compared to other nail arts.

#5 Chevron nails

You are looking for something simple but fun? We have got your back with these chevron nails. While the process of achieving that smooth zigzag design seems complicated, the process it goes through is actually pretty simple.

All you have to do is to paint your primary color first. After this, put visible tape on your nails after it has dried, then apply another color on top of it. Before the tape dries, peel it off. If you have been thinking of making these nails, well, this is your sign!

#6 Fruit nails

Are you looking for another nail design about food? Then, it would be best if you tried getting fruit nails. A perfect design for the summertime, fruit nail designs give you that refreshing vibe. With these types of nails, you can choose from an array of fruits. Down from cherries to oranges to even mangoes, the possibilities are endless.

Not only this, but fruit nails give you that cute colorful design that you could match with a variety of outfits. Since the colors keep it light, this nail pattern screams free and breezy.

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#7 Snowman nails

Were you looking for winter nails? These snowman nails just exude Christmas by the fireplace, hot chocolate, and waiting for Santa at midnight. If you want something that follows the whole holiday theme, then some cute snowman nails are the way to go.

While nailing (pun intended) this design can be a little challenging, the results are enough to make you believe that the whole process is very worth it.


Whatever pattern a person chooses for their nails, it would always have a personal meaning to themselves. We choose this means to showcase ourselves and our imagination. As a result, it is understandable that many of us are searching for designs that connect us most to whatever part of it we want others to see.

You have complete control over the style and pattern you wish to display to society and no one else. The most important thing is to be certain that you pick the nail art you like the best. Saying this, we hope you have loved our one-of-a-kind nail art collection, and we hope it has encouraged you to develop a unique and significant pattern that would make you smile. See More unique nails here

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