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12 Fun Facts About Cats

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Cats have been our cuddly friends for a long time. With all their cute paws and happy faces, it does not surprise us that many would want to have a lovable friend. Having said this, it is pretty evident that they have taken up a lot of our attention. Are you interested in getting to know them more?

If you are, you have landed on the right article because here, we will give you all the best facts about cats. Without further ado, let us go ahead and get to know more about this cute animal.

#1 Cats learn the same as a 2-3-year-old child

Like us humans, cats are pretty smart. They tend to pick up on a lot of things very quickly. With that said, based on researchers who conducted experiments and observations on cats, they have found that the learning style of a cat is similar to that of a child between the ages of two and three.

So, go ahead and give them small objects, and they are bound to pounce and jump on them like a 3-year-old child.

#2 Why do cats rub their heads against you?

Your cat is not just rubbing its head against you as a gesture of love, but he or she is also establishing territory around you. To do so, they would use the smell glands on their faces, tails, and paws, which are located near the base of their tails.

#3 How long do cats sleep?

Sometimes, you are probably wondering why your feline friend sleeps for most of the day. No, do not worry. They are not sick or tired. This is actually a regular routine for cats. Cats usually sleep for an average of 13 to 14 hours a day to conserve their energy.

Cute Kitty

#4 Cats walk in the same way as camels and giraffes

Have you ever noticed your animal moving weirdly? Lifting both of their right feet, then both of their left feet? Well, this is the completely normal way for them to walk. It is pretty unique in the animal kingdom as aside from cats, camels, and giraffes, no other creatures walk like this.

#5 “Meows” is not their language

If you hear cats meow, they are highly likely not communicating with anyone else besides you. Cat’s do not need to meow to other animals to speak; in fact, they only use meowing as a way to talk to us.

#6 A one-year-old cat is equivalent to a 15-year-old human

The first year in a cat’s life is equivalent to the first 15 years of a human’s life in terms of development. In human years, a cat is 25 years old after its second year. After then, a cat’s life span is roughly equivalent to 7 years of a human’s.


#7 What is the earliest age for a cat to get pregnant?

This might surprise you, but as early as four months old, female cats can already get pregnant and give birth 58 – 67 days after that.

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#8 How can you keep your cat asleep at night?

Your cat will sleep soundly at night if you keep them active during the day. If you do not have time to feed your cat on their own, you can assist them in getting a good night’s rest by offering them a large meal in the evening.

#9 What is the effect of catnip on cats?

In cats, it is thought that catnip has a comparable effect to LSD or marijuana. Even if your cat stays within sniffing distance, the results of nepetalactone, the component in catnip that may drive cats insane, wear off in 15 minutes and will not return for a few hours.

#10 Should you spay your cat?


When a kitten is only eight weeks old, it can be spayed or neutered. These operations should be carried out as soon as feasible after your cat’s first five months of life.

A cat’s life can be extended if it is spayed or neutered. According to the Banfield Pet Hospital study, neutered boys live a median of 62 percent more than unneutered cats, while spayed females live a median of 39 percent more than unspayed cats.

#11 Cats hiss to defend themselves

According to Wilde, hissing is defensive rather than aggressive. “It’s a threatened cat communicating ‘stay away’ by expressing anxiety, worry, or discomfort,” they explain. If two cats are fighting, the one that hisses is the more defenseless one.

#12 Killing cats were considered illegal

Back in ancient Egypt, the law was opposed to killing cats. Cats were not only regarded as a symbol of Bast, the Goddess of Protection, but they were also incredibly successful in keeping rodents away from their homes. Killing them was considered a disservice to society and frequently ended in death sentences.


Cats are such lovable creatures. We are all so enamored with them. So, it is no surprise that you want to know more about them. Seeing the way they roll onto their back, showing their cute stomachs, it’s bound to catch our attention.
If you have been thinking about getting this cuddly friend, this article is probably the biggest sign for you to go to your nearest pet shop and adopt one. While taking care of one can be a little challenging, trust us when we say getting a cat will be one of the best decisions you have ever made. With that said, we hope you have found our facts about cats article helpful.

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