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It’s quite interesting hearing from some people that they ain’t missing anything if they don’t have an automatic door opener by telling themselves they don’t need the extra expense. In fact, some do go as far as convincing themselves that opening and closing the garage door is a good form of exercise.

Well, may be by the time they will be driving home in the middle of a storm and eventually realizes that someone will need to step out in the rain to open the garage door, or probably after the storm has been successful in soaking them to the bone once or twice as they are engaging themselves in their garage door exercise, they will acknowledge the importance of installing a garage door opener without wasting more time. The fact remains that, it feel quite good sitting inside your dry car and watching your garage door open automatically.

Therefore, if you’re yet to shop for a garage door opener lately, I have good news for you, there had been a lot of advancements made in these units recently by the manufacturers. Presently, garage door opener are safer to operate, easier to install and even function more quietly compared to the previous ones.

In this article, you’re presented with few of the garage door opener, so you can simply go through them and go for the one you prefer.

1. Chamberlain WD832KEV: The best overall

When looking for a garage door that is reliable, quiet and without any additional bells and whistles, Chamberlain WD832KEV is the smart choice and a good value that you should go for. This is because, this device simply present to you the most essential characteristics you may desire in a garage door opener, not as any other device that may not justify the amount its purchased. This door opener simply opens the door without any waste of time and does so quietly.

Chamberlain said that the WD832KEV has “whisper” quiet operation, which is not too much to expect from a garage opener especially when compared to other units. Therefore, if your garage happened to be right under your bedroom or another section of the building that demands quietness, you won’t be disturbed still.

One of the eye opening high-tech features of this garage door opener is the MyQ technology that was included, which makes it possible for the users to control the operation of the door using a smartphone app. In addition, the Chamberlain opener has a timer with which you can set the garage door to close automatically after 1, 5, or 10 minutes as it pleases you.

However, it should be noted that this WD832KEV is only designed to work on doors that measure up to an height of seven feet. Meaning that if you happen to have a taller garage door, you will need to buy an extension kit and also purchase the light bulb separately.

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The second thing to note is that, the WD832KEV is not the most powerful opener available. It has ½ horsepower motor and will therefore struggle with heavy wood or steel doors.

Pros: its a reliable garage door opener with only the most important features such as running very quietly, inclusion of an automatic timer, and its offered at a good price point.

Cons: Only able to work with doors that are up to 7 feet in height, likewise motor could be made more powerful.

2. Chamberlain B970: The best for heavy garage doors

When in need of a garage door opener that can handle older garage doors, which will at the same time still run more quietly compared to other heavy-duty openers, this Chamberlain B970 is the perfect choice. Because its built with the horsepower needed to perform this task.

The common problem that is always associated with large and heavy wooden garage doors at older homes is that a lot of garage openers can not handle the weight. But this Chamberlain B970 has a 1.25-horsepower motor, which is powerful enough to raise this heavy doors compared to some other models.

Perhaps you’ve seen some heavy-duty garage door openers make noise and now wondering what is so spectacular in the construction of this B970 that makes it run more quietly than others, this is it. This particular garage opener in question is belt driven and reinforced with steel, this is the sole secret of its operation. More so, it has a battery backup system, a smart phone access, as well as a long-range remote controls that simplifies the opener’s operation.

In addition, the B970 is encrypted so as to prevent others from hacking the system and gaining entrance into your garage. Though the Chamberlain B970 could be costly, yet it delivers worth the price as it delivers when talking about an excellent build quality and anti-vibration features.

It requires extra components that are not incorporated to be able to use the HomeLink feature built into several newer vehicles. In the same vein, if you will be using the extra internet-related features, for example, when you want the system to sense your vehicle and automatically opens when its nearby, you might be facing some challenges in setting this up.

Pros: Able to handle over-sized and heavy wooden or metal garage doors with ease, coupled with good anti-vibration features, ability to carry a 1.25-horsepower motor, and a steel-reinforced belt that makes it run quietly.

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Cons: Its price could be described as above-average, some tech connectivity features can be difficult to set up.

3. Genie 1035-V: The best on a budget

For those considering their purse, you may have to look into this garage door opener (Genie 1035-V) . The price of Genie 1035-V is relatively low because it doesn’t have the advanced features. Since most garage door openers are somehow expensive, if you need an opener on a budget, this Genie 1035-V also known as the Genie Chain Drive 500 offers such desirable low price point.

Unlike the previous garage door openers earlier mentioned, this one doesn’t have a lot of high-end tech features, nor is it a heavy duty that will manage heavy garage doors. However, it can perform the basic work of raising and lowering the garage door quite well.

Though the installation of this garage door opener is quite an easy process because its components are lightweight, yet it can still open doors that is about 7 feet in height with a weight of  350 pounds with its ½- horsepower motor.

It should be noted that, there are some sacrifices to make in order to receive this low price. For instance, the Genie 1035-V has just one light bulb socket that can only take a 60-watt bulb, unlike the other ones that can still take two 100-watt bulbs. Also, the kit doesn’t come with an exterior keypad opener, meaning that you will need to buy that separately.

Pros: Has a very low price point and quite easy to install with a lightweight design, included instructions are understandable, it will function perfectly for standard garage door designs.Cons: Also includes inexpensive parts, doesn’t have a lot of high-end features, restricted to a single light bulb for illuminating the garage

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