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Years down the line, Amazon has successfully dominated the online retail world. Aside the $4 billion realized on this year’s prime day alone (a feature in a lot of people’s lives, most especially the 100 million people that have a premium membership), the company usually make sales worth billions of dollars yearly.

Amazon prime is an awesome program for those who often shop online. In this regard, you can subscribe for a year or monthly plan with $119 or $12.99 respectively and stand to enjoy a host of benefits such as unlimited free deliveries (occasionally in a day, but dependent on your location) and photo storage, music streaming and eBook reading, as well as access to the prime Video library.

To most subscribers, a prime membership is worth what it cost, however, some don’t have the same point of view, most especially since the company has raised the annual cost by $20 earlier this year. Nevertheless, if the cost appears to be somewhat prohibitive, Amazon prime would make available significant savings for whoever takes the advantage of its features.

Besides, there is the possibility that when you have signed up for an Amazon prime, you afterwards feel it wasn’t quite right for you. Probably the prime doesn’t have the movies or shows that interest you, or may be the condition is you can’t readily access other streaming platforms which can be because you haven’t been ordering as much as you used to. Whatever the case may be, you don’t have to think that amazon will make cancelling your prime subscription a difficult task, and as a matter of fact, it is simple & straightforward. The steps to which you can cancel your Amazon prime membership are highlighted below.

Step 1: Find your settings

The first step to take in this process is to sign in to your Amazon prime account that you will like to cancel. You just do that by simply heading to Once you are there, hover over to the “Accounts and lists” button. This will be seen at the upper-right corner, underneath your name. Haven done that, you will be given a long drop-down menu, from which you can select your prime membership option out of the provided ones.

Step 2: Know what you’re giving up

In this stage, you will be presented with some benefits of Prime membership that you can stand to lose if you’re opting out. As a result, it is advisable to take your time in going through those benefits and be sure you’re not going to miss those things.

So far you have made up your mind in cancelling your prime membership; you can head to the top-right of the page. Locate membership, and right under it click the drop-down menu button that is labeled update, Cancel, and more. There is a menu that will appear, from there select the “End membership button“.


Step 3: Confirm the cancellation

After taking the previous step, few options will further be presented to you, coupled with another opportunity to go over the benefits that you will possibly lose if you proceed with your cancellation process. For instance, if other Amazon properties such as Twitch are tied to your prime account, they will list it out for you to see.

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In a nutshell, Amazon will try what they could to pester you so that you can keep your account, however if your mind is made up in cancelling it, you will be given couple of choices. The first is, cancel your Prime membership when the billing period elapses, with this you will still be able to make use of your prime up to that point. The second option is to get things over with immediate effect and consequently receive a refund. If you are going for the first option, then you will have to click on “Remind me later”, on the other hand, if it’s the second, you will click “Cancel my Benefits”.

As stated by Amazon, the eligibility for a full refund of prime membership fee is for members who go for the “cancel my benefits“. However, it wasn’t stated whether partial refund can be made (except the prime membership is cancelled within three days of signing up for the package or probably your free trial was converted to the paid subscription). It should be noted that the refund will only be granted if you haven’t make use of your benefits from the time you were charged the fee.

On the other hand, if you go for “keep my benefits”, that means Amazon will take you back to the Prime account page without cancelling your membership.

It might also interest you to know that even though you go for cancellation, you will still be considered a customer; in fact Amazon will keep your account active. Such that, if you choose to sign up for Prime Membership again,  you just have to pay the normal bill of $119 or $12.99 for a year or monthly plan as the case may be. And every 12 months,  you will be eligible for a free Prime trial, meaning that if it has been a while before signing up again,  you will be able to start with the free trial thereby saving a little out of the normal fee.

Summarily, when you’ve paid for a Prime membership and haven’t used any of the benefits, you would be eligible for a full refund. On the other hand, those who have used the benefits might be qualified for a partial refund in accordance to the remaining time left in their membership.

However, if you have not paid for the Amazon Prime but still in your 30 days free trial period, you won’t be charged for any account and as such there won’t be reason for any refund.

Conclusively, you need to be informed that any membership you own in conjunction with your prime membership, such as Amazon Channels, won’t be renewed so far you have gone for cancellation. In the same vein, if your Amazon prime membership is signed up through an outside company such as Sprint, you will have to contact them directly to manage your it.


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