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VSCO girl often pronounced as VIS-CO was named after the popular photo-editing app (VSCO app). VSCO girl is known to be a fashion and lifestyle trend mostly followed by teens and young adults. If you will be embracing your inner VSCO girl, some things are needed to be put in place, which include things like hair scrunchies, shell necklaces, loose t-shirts, and comfortable shoes. The moment all these are in place, you can snap yourself together with your friends using an instant camera (essential for true VSCO girls) and begin to drop VSCO slang into your conversations. Mind you, you have to share your VSCO lifestyle with the world through the social media.

Caiti DeCort a 15 year-old YouTuber, told Lauren Strapagiel of Buzzfeed News that VSCO girls are mostly people who are white and very skinny who also own big brand names. As a matter of fact, they have been much parodied online. Even though there are some people who don’t fancy the cool-girls and carefree aesthetic, we have a lot who aspire to be one.

In addition, VISCO girls can easily be spotted because they usually try to embody a ’90s meets-sufer-girl lifestyle’. Highlighted below are the ultimate starter kits on means of being a VSCO girl, ranging from their outfits to their lifestyle.

Section 1 of 3: Nailing the Look.

1. VSCO girls are known to have a laid back attitude, often revealed by their cloths. As result, you will need to wear cloths having loose and beachy vibe such as oversized t-shirts, sweaters, and tube tops paired with comfy shorts. Furthermore, cuffed, high-waist jeans are also perfect VSCO-wise.

2. Select bright and colorful attire because VSCO girls love pastels and bright, beachy colors, such as pink, yellow, and light blue. Tie-dye is additionally sensible.

More so, neutral colors such as black and white will be good and you will be able to place on bright accessories to create up for the dearth of color.

3. You will need to wear scrunchies around your wrists to serve as bracelets. Thick, fluffy hair scrunchies are the totality of the VSCO girl look. Therefore, you need to use scrunchie colors that go with your outfit to have a cohesive VSCO look, or preferably use multiple scrunchies in different colors.

4. You also need to decorate with shell necklaces because iconic VSCO girl attire as a whole isn’t complete without a shell necklace. Puka shell necklaces are the ones trending, however, you can also wear metal jewelry that looks like shells. By the way, there is no crime if you’re able to make your necklace by yourself.

5. You have to complete your outfit with a comfortable pair of shoes. True VSCO girls value comfort over fashion. You can put on a pair of Birkenstocks or Crocs, and you’re ready to hit the beach. It is even better if you pair them with socks. In addition, skateboarding shoes, like Vans, are seen as big in the VSCO girl club.

Section 2 of 3: Embracing the VSCO Lifestyle

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1. You need to edit your selfies by using the VSCO app because you can’t count yourself as a VSCO girl without using the trend’s namesake app. Therefore, you will need to download this photo editor on your smartphone, so as to add great filters to your selfies. The light pastel filters on the app will certainly help give your picture a relaxed beachy vibe you wanted. It can also highlight your lighter clothings that will capture your overall VSCO girl aesthetic.

2. You will need to try out some VSCO slang especially in your daily activities because there is a special way of talking for this. For example, when you find something funny, you don’t just laugh, rather you say “sksksk” and when you’re amazed, you say “and I pop“. Therefore, when a friend of yours post a funny video or picture, just reply with “sksksk” and when they break the news of the person they are dating, you just say “and I pop“.

3. As you won’t want to miss out on capturing your favourite memories, you will need to get a fujifilm or Polaroid camera. With it, you can take a lot of pictures and hang them up all in your room. Instant pictures do have a pastel, grainy quality that totally goes with VSCO girl aesthetic.

4. Take proper care of your skin. Endeavor to wash your face twice daily and use facial spray to keep your skin smooth and hydrated. You surely need to stay looking fresh for all your selfies. You don’t have to worry about having a multi-step skincare process because, true VSCO girls always feel relaxed and focused living their day to the fullest.

More so, you should endeavor to go around with some lip balm because VSCO girls are never caught without it. The ones manufactured from beeswax is good because it’s all-natural.

5. Go around with a reusable water bottle. Hydro flasks are popular among VSCO girls; you will need to invest in reusable water bottle and a set of metal straws.

Section 3 of 3: Being a VSCO Girl on Social Media

1.  Master the habit of using #VSCOgirl hashtag on all your posts, be it the latest selfie at the beach or a message to your VSCO friends. This might pull more traffic to your post and consequently end up meeting with some other VSCO girls.

2. Based on your choice, you can create a separate account for all your VSCO aesthetic photos. VSCO girls are known for promoting their lifestyle, and as a result, you will need to upload your latest and greatest selfie to your Instagram profile. However, don’t forget to add the #VSCOgirl to it as earlier said.

3. VSCO girls love TikTok videos; you will need to make one. Try to make funny and trendy videos together with your friends showing off your VSCO aesthetic. You never can tell, such video might go viral afterwards. You need to even create a YouTube channel for posting your VSCO-themed videos.

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