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In case you have not been so much familiar with ghost stories or never had the experience of the existence of ghosts, be assured that this article will feed lots of details about such. Even though you may not really believe that ghosts do truly exist, yet it is more like impossible for anyone to no get scared when hearing an unknown voice or sound at night. Some of such stories are explicitly reported below:

#1 The Cell Phone

Some months ago, the cousin of my friend who also is a single mum purchased a phone. Meanwhile, after she came back from work one day, she dropped the phone on a counter and went to relax a bit while watching TV.  Her son walked up to her to request for permission to play with the phone for the moment. She allowed but instructed him not to dial any contact nor send any messages, and “Okay,” he said.

When it was already 11:20, she felt sleepy and then decided to reach for her son and go to bed along with him. Unfortunately, she didn’t find him in his room, and immediately she ran to her own room and there she saw him lying on the bed asleep while holding the phone still in the hands.

She was relieved and then collected her phone from him to check it out. Well, she observed only few changes like new background and so on, but when she clicked her pictures’ folder. She deleted the new unwanted photos snapped until she found one that showed her son lying on the bed but it was snapped by another person above him, which displayed just half of the left side of an old woman’s face. 

#2 The Following

Perhaps you might be scared to hear that my elder sister has a ghost that follows her here and there for couple of years, but wait to unveil the details.

My sister and I lived together for up to three months, and lots of weird things happened right in her house then. Anytime I speak of these issues, my sister would only say that “her ghost didn’t like me being around.” 

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Some of them include all lights switched off and all necessary things locked up before sleeping. But, waking in the morning to find lights and kettles on, as well as back door opened. One unforgettable night, I borrowed liquid foundation when we were about to go on an outing together. After usage, I return it to where she often keeps her makeup. After some minutes, she asked for it from me and we couldn’t find it all through. She blamed me for it and made me purchase another for her but didn’t hear out my explanation. When it was about 1 year later, she was relocating to a different house and was packing her things, and surprisingly she found the makeup inside a shoebox that had few old letters written there. Mind you, the said box was just kept underneath the bed in one completely zipped suitcase.

Nevertheless, the experience that later got me possibly afraid the most was a particular noon that I was just home alone (it has never been like that, since it’s often 4 other persons available in the house). That day, I was back from work, went directly into the bathroom. The whole doors and windows were locked, while in there, I squeezed one pimple on my face but heard the voice of a female from the hall saying “stop picking your zits!”  Believe me, it sounded very loud and real enough but I initially thought it was from my sister. Therefore, I just laughed and said “fuck off,” and then asked of what she wanted to do for dinner. Didn’t get an answer, I peeped and saw nobody in the hall. I came out and then search the whole house but found no one still. In fear, I sat outside the house on top the porch at the front door till another person returned due to the fact that I wanted to avoid being inside alone. 

#3 Ghost Bro

In the year 1904, the house designed for one family where I lived was built. It’s wooden but planted on concrete foundation, and I have spent up to 12 years here. This recent event is my most weird experience among all that we have had. About 10 years ago, my blood brother with his best friends began a garage band that plays a kind of Spanish music. The friends are able to get together mostly on Sunday afternoons alone. By then, they would do their practices till the early evening but quits at 8pm often. I would mostly come home around this time for sleep as well because I do work a shift in the graveyard.

As the practice days reduced steadily, in that night they all decided to move to another person’s house to continue another part for they have just finished a session in my house. Right there, my bro gave his truck keys to one of his friends in order to load the equipment inside. When everyone had moved out of the basement, my brother forgot his food container and needed to go get it. At that time the basement was just untidy with gadgets scattered all over. My brother was almost getting the container in there when he saw a shadow down there, because he has just walked in and captured the sight of a shadow-like figure. It was specifically at the peripheral area of vision to him, and right there the terrifying and uneasy feeling came upon him. Well, the kind of training we had was that one should either pray or cuss when at the sight of a ghost or spirit. In this case, my brother cursed instead and said “hey fuck you, I don’t have time for this shit”.

As my brother walked away, he closed and switched off each of the doors and lights after him respectively. Since from the basement one would often end up in the living room before getting to the front door, so my brother moved for switching the last light adjacent to the front door after he had got to the room. Good enough, the street light flashes up to the door and room, while trying to exit, my brother mentioned that he noticed something behind him but didn’t turn back. He switched off the light and the whole house became dark, and as he walked towards his friends outside the gate, he grinned and felt bad within for going back to the basement at such late hour for no tangible reason. 

When he entered the truck to prepare for head off, one person among the friends asked of me, inquiring if I won’t come with them. Then my brother answered that I had went to my working place earlier that night, and even said; “do you see his car around?”

The guy then asked, “But, who was the person walking behind you while exiting the house?” Wonderful, meaning they had seen a ghost.

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