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Being your first time landing this page or probably you have crossed your path with some other articles that didn’t satisfy you with the details you’ve long for about WhatsApp Web, worry less for you’re here now! We understand what most readers look out for and the kind of relief they want to get while they sit back to read a piece of articles online, and we will give that your desire to you in this piece. Just be rest assured that this article isn’t going to be verbal sawdust to you if you can please take enough time to read till the end and digest the contents of this article so as to sink in better understanding of how you can now use your WhatsApp Web with ease, enjoy!

Some Things You Should Know About WhatsApp Web

What do we even mean by the term“WhatsApp Web”? Hey! Don’t think too far, we have got the details for you right here: WhatsApp Web simply refers to the browser version or form of the common or very popular WhatsApp application that we often operate as a Messenger app. Usually, WhatsApp is used for video/voice calling and chatting, of which the swift working pattern of the app as well as its interesting features for messaging makes it necessarily installed by almost all users of Android and iOS.

For desktop WhatsApp, it’s often designed in 2flavours which are; a system app that can be downloaded for Mac & Windows or possession of the capability to work directly from the browser. Both Desktop WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web work as extensions of the popular WhatsApp account you do have on your mobile phone. But what happens is that every message is completely synced between your computer and your phone in order that you may be able to access your conversations easily on whatever device you choose to use at any point in time, irrespective of where the conversations are initiated from.

At this junction, we will be going straight into how you can make use of the WhatsApp browser application.

How to make use of WhatsApp Web

Whenever you need to operate the WhatsApp Web, all you need do is click on the URL for WhatsApp Web in your mobile device’s browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, or Edge. Instantaneously scan the very QR code displayed on the Web page using your WhatsApp mobile application. The WhatsApp Web will launch automatically in that your browser and it will even remain active till when you personally log out on your phone or computer.

Highlights inStep wise manner:

  • Go directly to the WhatsApp website in order to link WhatsApp Web/browser with the app on your mobile phone.
  • On your Android phone or iPhone, launch WhatsApp.
  • Proceed to scan the QR code found on the website using your phone by opening to WhatsApp mobile app.

To aid better understanding, follow the sample pictures to operate your WhatsApp Web

For iPhones:

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  • Open WhatsApp on the iPhone > Tap settings >Click WhatsApp Web/Desktop
  • Click on Scan QR code&hold the phone before your computer to allow pairing.

For Android phones:

  • Open WhatsApp > At the upper right corner of Chat option tap the 3 dots.
  • Tap WhatsApp Web to proceed with scanning the QR code.
  • At this junction, your mobile account is linked to the WhatsApp Web already.
  • You can now send as well as receive messages right there using the desktop browser of your computer.

Different Features of WhatsApp Web

From here, familiarize yourself with most of the features a WhatsApp Web possesses.

When you’re done with the scanning of your QR code, you can access the Chat list of your WhatsApp right on that web page, if you wish. Do this by checking the left corner of the app and if you click a contact you’ll be able to view your chats as well as your message history, that’s if you have saved it in the first place.

If you check the upper left of that page, there are 3 icons; MenuStatus, and New chat from which you can open to other options. From the status option you’ll get all statuses that have been posted by any of your contacts and also bearing a response option at the bottom part of the pane. The New chat will give you access to your contacts list when clicked. You can also start a conversation or create a new group right from this page.

The 3 dots from the menu option can allow you to change your profile informationchange settingssearch for archived chats, create new groups, or even log out.


How to Send Messages

Is quite easy to use your WhatsApp web just as same way you do for your mobile app. This is because the interface also looks familiar. When you want to opt for sending a message using your desktop, just click an existing chat found on your app page or you could tap the New chat option, select any contact you desire to communicate with. From here you can even access previous chats. You can otherwise click on the message bar to begin chatting, and when done typing a message, send by pressing your keyboard’s Enter key or just click Send icon.

You can click on the clip icon to attach any documents, recordings, or images and then send on the chat page.

To Install WhatsApp on Your Desktop

When you want to install WhatsApp on your desktop, there are available desktop options for Mac or Windows,  go to WhatsApp website and download one. It’s identical to the usual web app.

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When you’ve downloaded it on Windows, just follow the provided installer steps. If its on Mac, process installation by dragging the WhatsApp icon right into your apps folder. Following that, launch the desktop application. But for the Web browser form, a prompt will be provided to aid scanning of a QR codesimilarly to the web version.

You can log out by going back to your phone’s WhatsApp menu and then click on “log out from all devices” or you can do it on your computer by clicking on the 3-dot icon above the conversion page and click on log out.