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Are you a cord-cutter; a kind of person who prefers switching from a pay-TV subscription-like cable, satellite, or telephone company to an Internet-based streaming service in other to save some considerable amount of money every month, or a streaming fan? Netflix is here for you.

Taking a look at how technology is advancing, it is as if Internet Streaming is taking over the World, in terms of TV viewing, as more people are ‘cutting the cord’ and letting their DVD and Blu-ray Discs collect dust, therefore who actually cares to record TV shows anymore onto VHS or DVD? Almost like none.

Today, whenever we talk about streaming TV shows and movies, the first thing that probably comes to mind for most of us is Netflix, and for good reasons, it has become the dominant source for streaming TV shows and movies.

For those that don’t know, Netflix actually started in the year 1997 as a company that initiated the concept of ‘renting DVDs by mail’ with the innovative idea of charging a flat monthly fee, rather than charging by each DVD ordered, and as a result, the corner video rental store idea started to fade, and by 2005, Netflix had a loyal 4.2 million DVD-by-mail rental subscriber base.

However, that was just the beginning, as in 2007 Netflix made a bold announcement that they are going to add the ability for subscribers to stream TV shows and movies directly on their PCs, as an addition to its DVDs-by-mail rental program.

Then, in the year 2008, something interesting happened, and that was Netflix partnering with LG to introduce the first Blu-ray Disc player that was also able to connect to the internet for streaming Netflix provided contents. With Blu-ray Disc playback and internet streaming in the same box, the concept of network Blu-ray Disc Player was born. There was not only convenient but also made a way to attract DVD and Blu-ray Disc fans into the streaming alternative.

In the year 2013, Netflix began to produce an original content of its own, though this was kind of a risky and expensive proposition. At a time when the networks were generally approved, Netflix offered a series of producers and showrunners an upfront contract to create an entire season or two. Not quite long, most popular new series like “House of cards”, “Orange Is the New Black” and “The Crown”, came out on Netflix instead of coming from the established networks. By creating a loyal fan base, original content has been a key source of Netflix’s success and the appreciation of its stock price.

Around the same time, Netflix started uploading entire seasons of established TV series at once, essentially creating the binge-watching trend (an act of watching multiple episodes of a television programme in a rapid sequence, which can be by means of DVDs or digital streaming, in contrast to broadcast and cable TV’s once-a-week installment model.

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As at December 2, 2019, Netflix no longer works on 2010-2011 or earlier smart TVs from Samsung, 2012-2014 Vizio Smart TVs running Internet Apps/Apps Plus, and several older Roku media streamers. It’s possible 2010-11 smart TVs and media streaming devices from other brands may also be affected.

In essence, Netflix is a storehouse of content, like movies, documentaries, and television series, both the pre-existing ones and its own, for a flat monthly fee. Subscribers can choose to watch any program at any time on whatever device they prefer.



There are certainly thousands of movies to choose from, but with a navigation system and algorithm that don’t always make the right choice easy to find, it may, therefore, be difficult to know what to watch on Netflix. That is one of the reasons for this article, bringing to you the best movies on the service at this hour. So, the only thing you have to do is sit back and enjoy watching the best movies on Netflix.

Listed below are the few of the numerous amazing movies you can get to watch on Netflix.

  1. American Honey

This is one of the best movies on Netflix that you likely haven’t seen. It is a road drama epic film that was written and directed by Andrea Arnold in 2016.

The film is about a teenage girl (lane) from a troubled home, who runs away with a traveling sales crew of young people (including Shia LaBeouf and Riley Keough) who drove across the American Midwest, selling magazine subscriptions door to door. This was Arnold’s first film to be set and filmed outside the United Kingdom having an amazing soundtrack, and beautiful cinematography of the heart of America, this is a captivating movie that deserves a look.

  • Atlantics

Mati Diop’s directorial debut is a tender, mesmerizing study of life on the coast of Senegal, where men often venture out for more prosperous shores, leaving the women behind. It’s a delicate, beautiful film that plays like a romance, ghost story, and study of inequality all at the same time. See it before someone else recommends it to you.

3)The Bling Ring

This film was directed by Sofia Coppola in the year 2013. This is a true story about a group of high school students in Los Angeles who decided to start robbing celebrities in millions of dollars in cloth, shoes, and jewelry. It’s an underrated comedy-drama about privilege and desire, filtered through the vibrant viewpoint of its filmmaker and talented young cast, including Emma Watson and TaissaFarmiga.

  • Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

When Marvel promised and book a comic film of unprecedented scale with Avengers: Infinity War, they were not messing around. This film is one of the biggest in 2018. It was the climax of a decade of planning, casting, and cinematic storytelling all pulled into one massive movie event.

  • The Back to the Future Trilogy

Robert Zemeckis directed all three movies in one of the most beloved trilogies of all time. The story of a teen who goes back in time turned Michael J. Fox into a household name and still serves as the template for how to do this kind of family/sci-fi adventure. The two sequels may not be as good but they’re better than you remember.

  • Blackfish

This is an American documentary film directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite. This is a movie that pulled back the curtain on the awful conditions at aquatic theme parks and changed them forever. No one can watch this movie and ever go back to Sea World without a protest sign in their hand.

  • MarriageStory (2019)

Written, directed and produced by Noah Bambauchwho drew raves for this deeply emotional drama about a couple (Adam Driver, Scarlett Johansson) whose uncoupling takes a heavy emotional and psychological toll on their family.

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