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Net Worth

Easy Jobs that Pay Well

Most people want to try some easy job which gets not much hard work but pays well. This is real, easy jobs that pay well also exists. By this, people contribute to the world in meaningful and important ways and earn $50K or more per year.

Before it’s good to remember that the definition of “easy” is not the same for everyone, it’s may differ a lot from other definitions. But in reality, there is no such an easy job that everyone considers easy. This “easy” word depends on each individual’s preferences and interpreting their experience. I.e. any work for one person is the easiest job that may involve little action with few responsibilities, but for another person, it may involve a constant hard work task.

So if you have been visualizing a career that feels easy yet still provides a good living and a sense of purpose, then you’ll want to explore the following examples.


According to many people consider this optometrist occupation is one of the easiest high-paying jobs you can get. Optometrists conduct eye examinations using special equipment that takes a lot of the hardest work for them. They get to interact with interesting patients and diagnose eye-related syndromes, and suggest corrective eyeglasses and contact lenses. An interesting thing is that its low-stress job generally does not require overtime. But, getting into this field you should have a special degree, also you will need to become good in math and an excellent understanding of biology.

Median earning “Optometrist” can earn $86,115 yearly.

Radiologic Technologist

Radiologic Technologists take medical x-rays with a living requires a specialized set of skills with an understanding of human anatomy, and a willingness to follow necessary safety protocols. It’s one of the easiest jobs, once they’ve been through their training and accrued a good amount of experience, and develop underlying confidence and sense of mastery that makes most of their workdays feel relatively easy and satisfying. It is an interesting job, some people in this field get to operate really cool diagnostic technologies like computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines.

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The median yearly pay for “Radiologic Technologist” is $69,326.

Power Plant Operator

It is also one of the easiest jobs and one of the world’s most recognizable animated characters. In reality, you’re doubtful to remain hired as a power plant operator if all you do is sleep and eat while on the job. It is true, many people with this career feel easy who gets to enjoy it. The most routine work of operating and monitoring energy production, and distribution equipment can be highly satisfying, and it usually comes with few, if any, deadlines or stressful days. Even when problems occur, the operator can welcome it happily and enjoy it.

The median yearly pay for “Power Plant Operator” is $72,800.


When I think about the easiest job, I remember “plumber” because it is easy jobs that pay well without a degree, now a day, it’s hard to ignore the plumbing trade. Like any other high-skill profession, plumbing requires formal training and plenty of real-world experience if you want to expert with it. When you know the rules and safety practices, you will find that it the easiest job. If you want to do this job, make sure you are the type of person who truly enjoys being physically active.

The median yearly pay for “Plumber” is $62,400.

Medical Laboratory Technician

For some people, having an expected routine is an easy task. Many medical lab techs get to enjoy with their routine work. While their work can vary a little from day to day, most of it involves performing routine tests and sampling on blood, urine, or tissue in quiet laboratories. Median yearly pay for “Medical Laboratory techs” is $52,000.

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Massage Therapist

This job is for them who want to remain physically active. With this job, you could use your physical energy in the service of helping other people in different ways like relax, prevent injury, or overcome pain or mobility issues. Massage therapy becomes an easy and high paying job for “Massage Therapist” with formal training and practice. By this job, you feel that you have made a positive difference each day. The median yearly pay for “Massage Therapist” is $50,523.

Graphic Designer

It is one of the easiest jobs for a highly visual thinker, who can find grasp ideas when they’re communicated through images rather than through words or sound alone. Graphic designers get paid to do something that comes easier to them than the most other people.  And like most other creative professionals, “Graphic Designer” often feel like they’re working “in the zone,” which helps them to minimize the stress of deadlines. Even many of the graphic design work without any time limit and when they feel easy then work. The median yearly pay for “Graphic Designer” is $50,003.

Personal Trainer

It is very difficult to work out at the gym but watching people do it is very easy. If you are finding an easy job that pays well then “Personal Trainer” is one of the easiest jobs. With this job, you would design a diet and fitness schedule for your clients and also encourage them as they work out. The median pay for a “Personal Trainer” in the United States is $55,000.

Freelance Writer

Freelancing is a great idea for them who want to work freely with their own time scale. Freelance writers can make a big amount like $105,000 in a year by just sitting in the comfort of their own homes and choosing the projects that they take on. Freelance Writers are their own boss and work without any stress and time limit.


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Librarian is a perfect job for those who love books. As a librarian, you will help the people to find what they are looking for and have maintained the library books and schedule. Once you know how to use the library system then it is not a difficult job. Skilled librarians can make as much as $57,000.


It is not a task to being a well-paid artist for everyone, but by the selection of few natural creativity and skills, it’s a very easy way to make much money. Some people will go to school and held a special program for art but that’s not necessary. Once you get the special skills and attention of the public, you can earn up to $100,000 or more in the year.

Porn Star

It is one the easiest job for some than for others. Most of the people would not choose to be a porn star due to having sex on camera, but if you feel comfortable with having sex on camera then you could make a lot of money. On average, porn stars can make up to $75,000 per year, but their salaries vary.

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