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Carnivore Diet

Carnivore means ‘animal eating’ and is another low carb diet that is restricted to eating animals only. It is a simple diet plan that does not require any specific timings, calorie counting, or portion controls. Listen to your body needs and modify your timing and the portion size accordingly. It is an extreme diet plan and is a complete opposite of the vegetarian diet as no type of fruits; vegetables or plant-based foods are allowed at all. The idea behind the carnivore diet is the thought that animals provide all the essential nutrients required by the body to thrive. The nutrition obtained by plants is non-essential and we can survive well without taking them.

The carnivore diet is similar to other low carb diets like paleo or keto diet plans in a way that discourages the use of sugars as well. However, a little portion of sugars is allowed but not is the same as the carnivore diet. It does not permit any amount of carbs so it can be labeled as a sugar-free diet as well.

What to eat in the Carnivore diet?

Selecting eatables is the easiest in this plan as its foods list can be summed up in two words; animals only. Meat plus water is all that comes under the carnivore diet. The basic and pure forms of animals are taken by carnivores. Everything coming from animals is allowed and everything else is prohibited. Here is a list of animal products to make it super easy:

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  • Meat: Meat is the key component that is responsible for providing a major chunk of nutrients to carnivore diet followers. It includes grass-fed meat, strip-streak, ribeye, ground beef, porterhouse, prime rib, chicken, brisket, bacon, and flank steaks. Fatty meat is preferred to use the fat content as energy which is being deprived by abstaining from sugars.
  • Eggs: Eggs are good sources of proteins and fats so highly recommended to eat in routine meals.
  • Fish: The warehouse of healthiest fats and nutrients, fish are allowed in this diet. Salmon, trout, catfish, sardines, and mackerel are all good options to eat.
  • Dairy: Dairy products like milk, cheese, grass-fed butter, and clarified butter are allowed in the carnivore diet. Anyhow, some strict followers limit dairy use to avoid intolerance issues.
  • Bone marrow: It is the healthiest protein full of nutrition for skin, joints, hair, and gut.
  • Animal-based fats: Instead of using vegetable or processed oils, animals’ fats are used for cooking like lard and tallow.
  • Spices: Little and limited use of salt, pepper, and spices are allowed for cooking to satisfy the taste buds.
  • Beverages: Only water and bone broth are allowed beverages.

This is the list of allowed foods and everything else not coming from animals is prohibited like seasonings, sauces, alcohol, and processed animal foods.

Benefits of Carnivore diet:

It provides all kinds of health benefits of natural eating protecting against the health hazards imposed by sugars and processed foods. In addition to tasty recipes, carnivore diet has some proven health benefits including:

  1. Weight loss:  We can safely label it as the best weight loss diet. It cuts down the carbs intake to almost zero and shifts the body’s metabolism towards fats instead of carbs for making energy. Fats start burning and excessive fats stores get depleted giving a lean slim body. It provides good fullness effect and regulates the hunger pattern culminating in weight loss.
  2. Protection against diseases: There is quite a long list of health conditions that can benefit from a carnivore diet and these are studied effects. This diet plan includes such foods that do not bombard the body with those food items that are not real eatable and just processed junk to spice up the taste buds. Diabetes, polycystic ovary syndromes PCOS), and irritable bowel syndrome can be managed well when on carnivores’ diet. It halts the progression and repairs the damage done by such diseases.
  3. Decreased internal inflammation: All kinds of inflammatory processes are favored by sugar-rich foods. This kind of ongoing inflammation can be settled by removing starchy food items and taking natural animal products. The lesser or no inflammation means no generalized pains, fever, or cellular damage.
  4. Other health benefits: Apart from weight loss and protecting against many chronic illnesses, the carnivore diet improves testosterone levels, gives mental clarity, improves skin status, and reduces digestive problems and risk of heart issues by lowering blood pressure.

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