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Qatar Airways – Qsuite Experience

The Qsuite made its U.S. debut in December in aircrafts at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, and Qatar Airways is now in the process of rolling it out nationwide. 

The Suite

The business-class cabin was outfitted in soothing, but futuristic colors: grey, red, burgundy, in various hues. Qatar Airways Vice President for the Americas Günter Saurwein told me that the cabin’s designers aimed to combine modern western influences with a more traditional middle-eastern style. 

The lights faded between colors like a slowed-down disco ball, red to orange to purple, dark blue, lime green, and back again. At times, the cabin’s aura was reminiscent of a dimly lit, classy restaurant. 

The airline claims the Qsuite is the first business-class suite to feature a double bed. That’s technically true, but it’s slightly misleading. Each Qsuite has a total of of one seat, which can be folded down into a twin bed. 

Review: Qatar Airways Qsuite - A First in Business! -

The suites located in the middle of the cabin (as opposed to beside the window) are placed next to each other, and walls between them can be pulled down to create one large suite. The two twin beds, side by side, create a double bed, with a slight gap and two sets of bedding. So you’d need to buy two Qsuites to have a double bed to yourself — but it’s a good option for couples. 

Qatar Airways' Qsuites Services Will Be Available For Canberra ...

The meal had three courses, along with a la carte snacks. The food was delicious, and by far the best part of the flight. In keeping with the fusion theme, the Qsuite’s menu blends middle-eastern staples with Western fare. artisan breads with hummus, a chicken biryani with fried onions and toasted nuts, a wild mushroom ravioli, and a fluffy chocolate cake with figs. We also got a large snack platter including beef sliders, mini chili con carne tacos, and mini strawberry cheesecake cupcakes.

Review: Qatar Airways Qsuite - A First in Business! -

The bathroom was shiny with marble-looking countertops, and included hand soaps and sanitizers that were unlabeled, but smelled ravishing. It was a far cry from the cramped, pungent quarters that are a staple of economy cabins. 

Flying The Qatar Airways QSuite Business Class (777-300ER From ...

The most disappointing part of the flight was the entertainment. The TV itself was much larger than one you’d see on an economy flight, and it featured games, movies, music, and TV shows, but all in limited quantities.

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