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Arva is Aman’s tribute to Italy’s rich culinary heritage – an inventive and sustainable approach to cooking using the finest ingredients of the season. Its name is taken from the Latin term for ‘cultivated land’, a reflection of the kitchen’s philosophy of making the best of soil and sea. Each day at Aman Venice, Arva’s chefs bring their instinctive understanding of flavour to produce sourced in and around the lagoon, to prepare bold, heart-warming and authentically Italian dishes that can be shared among family and friends.

A tale of two chefs

Developed by Executive Chef Dario Ossola, who has brought his expertise in Mediterranean cuisine to some of the finest kitchens in London and Italy, the Arva menu has been enhanced by the culinary imagination of consultant chef Norbert Niederkolfer. Known for his ‘Cook the Mountain’ philosophy of making the best of locally grown ingredients, Chef Norbert has earned his own restaurant in South Tyrol three Michelin stars.

Aman Introduces Seasonal, Sociable Italian Dining Concept, Arva ...

Seasonal, sustainable and locally sourced

The Arva menu is rooted in the cucina semplice culinary tradition of rural Italy, inspired by creative cooks who concocted dishes solely from what was available in the gardens, forests and oceans surrounding them. Each day, sustainable, seasonal produce, and fresh fish and organic meats are brought from the Rialto market, the Venetian lagoon and its islands to enrich the Arva menu.

Aman Introduces Seasonal, Sociable Italian Dining Concept, Arva ...

Heritage cooking, with a bespoke twist

Arva’s chefs pay homage to the classic dishes and flavour combinations of traditional Italian cuisine with a creative contemporary touch, offering guests inventive takes on familiar flavours. 

A culinary community

Chefs Dario and Norbert work with local farmers, fishermen, market traders and niche suppliers to secure the freshest Adriatic fish, single-source olive oils from Tuscany and Liguria, artisanal pasta, and market produce. The result is a considered selection of pastas, risottos, prime meats and seafood, generous sharing dishes, delectable gelati and sorbetti, as well as – in homage to Venice’s globally beloved cicchetti heritage – a wide range of small plates.

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