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Villa di Piazzano, One of the most luxurious stay in Italy

A stay at Villa di Piazzano is like travelling back in time
and reliving for a few days in an ancient noble home in amidst green fields and olive groves. Set on the border between Umbria and Tuscany, the Villa di Piazzano is an elegant Historic Estate dating back to 1464.
The Villa was built as the hunting manor of Cardinal Silvio Passerini. It is located in close proximity to Cortona, in a protected natural reserve
and dominates over some incredibly beautiful countryside. Attention to detail, style and elegance. The charming atmosphere of a noble home enhanced by all the modern comforts.
Each room retains its distinctive features, colours and style. Suites are each unique in style and location within the property. Ultra comfort king mattresses, soft pillows and exquisite signature bed linens will pamper you by night. Elegant furnishings, soft colours and extended amenities are there by day to ensure an experience of pure comfort and luxury.


The garden is a place of refuge and contemplation. The many birds and butterflies which change with the season and bloom, set the mood for a magical location to relax, where silence is interrupted only by the singing of birds and the sound of nature.  Intense aromas of lime trees, oaks, cypresses, but also of beautiful antique roses, lavender, peonies, gardenias and jasmine permeate the air with their scent. The kitchen garden with it’s selection of aromatic herbs and vegetables completes the natural surrounding of this ancient villa’s gardens.

Cooking School

Cooking school completes an experience at the Villa di Piazzano, bringing into the picture an essential element of Italian lifestyle: cuisine. Over the years we have developed fun half-day cooking sessions where guests can participate and learn how to make a full Italian meal from start to finish.

lesson includes learning how to make an antipasto, first course, main course and dessert.  Refreshments are served during the lesson and the experience concludes with  lunch in the garden accompanied by a good bottle of local wine.

Wine Cellar

A special feature of the Villa di Piazzano is its very ancient wine cellar dating back to the 1400s. The ancient building techniques used to construct the underground wine cellar ensure a constant temperature of 16 degrees celsius, thus providing a perfect microclimate for some of the finest Italian wines. The port-holes, strategically placed create the constant ventilation necessary to avoid humidity. The cellar can also be rented privately to small groups for special theme dinners or wine tastings

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